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1983 International F-5050 SB 6x6 at Fort Wayne test track.

1983 International F-5050 SB 6x6

1995 International PayStar 5000 4x4 all wheel drive at the Chatham, Ont. plant.

1995 International PayStar 5000 4x4

1995 International PayStar 5000 6x6 all wheel drive.

1995 International PayStar 5000 6x6

1982 International F-5070 8x5 at Wagnor Oklahoma plant.

1982 International F-5070 8x4

1996 International PayStar 5000 4x4 all wheel drive at Chatham, Ont. plant.

1996 International 5000 4x4

1960 International CO-8190 Firetruck with 549 V8 dual ignition system.

1964 International Firetruck Model CO-8190

 A line up of 1938 A-8 International High-Way tractors.

1938 International A-8 High-Way Tractors

1938 International A-8-F with HD deck and winch.

1938 International A-8-F

1978 International COF-5470 with a Dowel Oil Field body.

1978 International Truck Model COF-5470

1938 A-8 International HD Model and cement mixer.

1938 International Truck Model A-8

1938 International A-8 HD Tractor pulling a tanker trailer.

1938 International A-8

1938 International Truck Model A-8 dump truck.

1938 International Truck Model A-8

International Truck COF 1810 CargoStar tandem.

1971 COF 1810 International CargoStar

1975 International FleetStar at the Port of New York being loaded for shipment to the Turkish Highway Department.

1975 International FleetStar

1947 International Truck Model KB-10 cab & chassis with a Red Diamond Engine.

1947 International KB-10

1996 International  PayStar Truck Model 5000 8x4 tandem steer axle at Chatham, Ont. plant.

1996 International PayStar 8x4

1979 International Truck Model 1854 4x4 fire truck.

1979 International Truck Model 1854 4x4

1953 International Metro Model R-150 F.D.N.Y. Squad Unit No. 3.

1953 International Metro Model R-150

1950 International Truck Model L-306 F.D.N.Y. Rescue Co. No. 3.

1950 International Truck Model L-306

1966 International Truck Model 2000D and Tiller Fire Ladder trailer in Quebec City, Quebec.

1966 International Truck Model 2000D

1935 International Truck Mode C-29 Panel.

1935 International Truck Model C-20 Panel

1935 International Truck Model C-30 Panel with stable rear wheels.

1935 International Truck Model C-30 Panel

1935 International Truck Model C-55-F full tandem gas tanker.

1935 International Truck Model C-55-F

1935 International Truck Model C-35 hauling hay.

1935 International Truck Model C-35

1969 International Payhauler rock truck Model 65C

1969 International Payhauler

1945 International KR-11 Tractor.

1945 International KR-11

1959 International Truck Model F-230 with oil field deck.

1959 International Truck Model F- 230

1935 International School Bus Model C-30-B

1935 International School Bus Model C-30-B

1932 International Milk Trucks lined up at Springfield Ohio plant for drive away to Baltimore

1932 International Milk Trucks

1932 International Trucks stacked together for a driveaway from the factory in Springfield,Ohio.

1932 International Trucks Stacked for Drive Away

1927 International Truck Model 74 hauling logs.

1927 International Model 74

1929 International Model S-26

1929 Interntional S-26

1968 International Driveaway from Spring Field, Ohio Plant ,involving 946 Dealers and Salesmen across America, cont. on next thumbnail

1968 International Driveaway

1968 driveaway continued from last picture.

1968 International Driveaway continued...

Largest Drive away in 1968

Largest drive away in 1968

1971 International Model 1010 Travelall

1971 International Travelall Model 1010

946 International vehicles leaving the Springfield plant  in 1968.

Leaving Springfield Plant in 1968

1961 to 1963 International C120 4x4 Travelette.

1961 to 1963 International C-120 4x4 Travelette

1980 International 8x4 PayStar

1936 International Full Tandem C-Line

1933 International D-1 Panel

1933 International D-1 Delivery Panel Truck

1931 International D-1 Panel

1931 International D-1 Panel

1930 International Model HS-54 Trucks.

1930 International Model HS-54 Gravel Trucks

1935 International C-1 Panel truck for the US mail.

1935 International C-1 Panel Truck

1971 International Truck Scout II sales ad.

1971 International Truck - Scout II Sales Ad

1975 Train Away loaded with International LoadStars and 1 D-Line Pick-Up leaving Springfield Ohio.

1975  International Train Away

Fort Wayne 1950 International L160 Fire Truck.

1950 International L-160 Firetruck

Truckload of 1971 International Truck D Series and Travelalls leaving Springfield Ohio Plant.

Truck Load of 1971 Internationals

1964 load of New International Trucks go under the bell check for height before leaving Springfield Ohio factory.

Load of New 1964 International Trucks

1964 International Truck RDF230 piggy backing a FleetStar 2000D and VCO Cabover from Fort Wayne Works.

1964 International Trucks Model ARDF-230

1964 International Truck 1200C Travelette 3/4 Ton Short Box Crew Cab leaving Springfield Ohio factory.

1964 International 1200C 3/4 Ton Travelett

1964 International CO LoadStar with 2 Model Scout 80s full mount, and 1 Scout on a tow bar.

1964 International CO LoadStar w/3 Scout 80's

1937 International Truck D-2 Panel.

1937 International D-2 Panel

1964 International 1700 LoadStar pulling a LoadStar School Bus Chassis and 2 full mount 1100C Short Box 1/2 Tons.

1964 International 1700 Loadstar

1964 International F1800 LadStar with 1100C 1/2 Ton Short Box up top with front wheel removed for driver visibility, and a 1200c 3/4 Ton Pick-up full mount and a 1100C on tow bar.

1964 International F1800 LoadStar

1964 International Truck LoadStar CO with a 1200C Flat Back Cowl, full mount and a 1200C 3/4 Ton Step Side on tow bar leaving Springfiels Ohio factory.

1964 International CO LoadStar

International Truck - Westcoaster


1964 Internationa Truck VCO Cabover pulling a LoadStar 4x2 R Model Tandem with a Metro Might full mount, leaving Fort Wayne Indiana Works.

1964 International CO Cabover

2 - 1964 International LoadStar School Bus chassis with a 1000C 1/2 Ton Travelall full mount. Note: Very little driver comforts.

2 - 1964 International LoadStar School Bus Chassis

Late 1940's International Westcoaster.

Late 1940's International Westcoaster

Interior of a International Westcoaster.

Interior of a International Westcoaster

1940 International K-12 Tractors.

1940 International K-12 Tractors

1934 International Model D345F Dump Truck.

1939 International Model D346F

The first International Branch Office in Lethbridge in 1910.

The First International Branch Office in Lethbridge

1936 International Truck Model C-55 Gravel Truck.

1936 International Model C-55

1939 International Truck Model DR70.

1939 International Model DR70

Early International L160 in 1950.

Early International L-160 in 1950

1934 International Truck Model A-8.

1934 International Model A-8

1930's Intenational

1930's International "W" Model

First new truck sold by George Kirkham.

First New Truck Sold By George Kirkham

1936 International Truck Model C-60 dump truck.

1936 International Model C-60

1957 shipping Yard.

1957 Shipping Yard

1980 photo of R.H. House International in Lethbridge.

R.H. House International

1952 International Truck Model LF170 twist track.

1952 International LF-170

1966 International 2000D FleetStar at the Fort Wayne Indiana Plant.

1966 International 2000D FleetStar

This is an early 1960's Scout 80 4x4 sitting in an International Payhauler Rock Truck.

1960's Scout

1964 Internationals drive away.

Load of 1964 Internationals

1938 International D-50 Gravel Dump Truck

1938 International D-50 Dump Truck

The only compact pick-up truck engineered and built in Canada in 1961.

1961 International C-99 Pick-Up

First of the last Scouts coming off the assembly line in 1971.

First of the Last Scouts off the assembly line

George in the summer of 1985.

George in the summer of 1985

1964 Scout 80 4x2 pick-up being loaded on top of a R Model 4x2 ready for drive away at K.A.T. Fort Wayne Works. 1964 R Model Tractor  pulling 2 more with a full mount Scout 80 on the rear. Note: The front Scout 80 4x2 pick-up with rear wheel removed for d

1964 International Scout 80 4x2

Last International 200 4x4 in 1975.

Last 1975 International 200 4x4 Truck

International Harvester Truck Company - Emeryville Works

International Harvester Truck Company - Emeryville Works

1941 International K-1 Woody.

1941 International K-1 Woody

1969 international Trucks Line-up.

1969 International Line Up

1940's International Trucks drive away photo

1940's Drive Away

International F4370 Prototype in 1968.

F4370 Prototype in 1968

Internationals loaded on a train car in the mid 1960's.

Internationals Loaded on Train Car

1928 International Truck delivery.

1928 Delivery

1960's photo of 600 International Scouts heading west.

600 International Scouts heading west

Here is George in 1964

George in 1964

1979 International Truck 5 unit drive away.

1979 5 Unit Drive Away

Parking lot in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Parking lot in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Interntional drive away photo.

International Drive Away

1970's International Scouts.

1970's International Scouts

The San Leandro, CA assembly plant in the mid 1960's.

The San Leandro, CA Assembly Plant

1940 International K Model.

1940 International K Model

1969 International Travelalls and Pick-ups ready for transport.

1969 International Travelalls & Pick-Ups

Springfield Ohio truck plant in 1967.

1967 Springfield Ohio Truck Plant

Springfield International Truck Plant in 1967.

1967 Springfield Truck Plant

A Prototype of a 1968 International LoadStar.

Prototype of Internationals LoadStar

Internationals Springfield Ohio yard in 1967.

1967 Photo of Springfield Ohio Yard

1957 International A170.

1957 International A-170

Internationals Van Project......

International's Van Project

A 1976 Travelall Engineering Proposal.

1976 Travelall Engineering Project

Last International R Line.

Last International R Line

Internationals Springfield Ohio Plant in 1972

Springfield Ohio Plant in 1972

George Kirkham (left) and Bruce Nodwell (right) pose for a picture in front of a 1970 International Scout 800A.

George Kirkham stands beside Bruce Nodwell

1950's Engineering Styling Study.

1950's Engineering Styling Study

1965 Engineering Styling Study.

1965 Engineering Styling Study

1974 Springfield Ohio Truck Assembly Plant.

1974 Springfield Truck Assembly Plant

1969 Springfield Ohio Shipping Yard.

1969 Springfield Ohio Shipping Yard

George Kirkhan (left) and Fred Crismon (right) at the 2007 Western Canada International Truck Show in Rimby, AB. Fred was the author of the Grey History Book on International Trucks (The Bible) for International Truck history. Fred passed away  on Septemb

George Kirkham with Fred Crismon

1940's International Drive Away.

1940's Drive Away

Ted Ornas was head of future vehicle design at International until he retired in 1980. He worked on many truck designs including the 1953 R Model, the 1957 A Line, Sightliner and the 1969 D Line Light duty Line. But Ted is most well known for his

George Kirkham's visit with Ted Ornas...

1957 International Model A-180 Dump Truck.

1957 International A-180

1957 International Model A-160 with a Van Body.

1957 International A-160

1974 International PayStar 5050 4x4 Deck Truck

1974 International PayStar

1957 International Model A-110 Utility Truck.

1957 International A-110

1957 International Model A-160 Stake Truck.

1957 International Model A-160

1964 International Model C-1100 Panel for Police services.

1964 International C-1100 Panel

Front brake from a Six Speed Special.

Front Brake from a Six Speed Special

1925 International Model 54-H-1 coach, 1907 International Auto Buggy High Wheeler.


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